Department - Economics
The Department of Economics is one of the core departments of Narengi Anchalik Mahavidyalaya which was established in 1991. The department offers H.S. and undergraduate classes both in Major and General Courses. The teaching methodology combines standard methods of University education- lectures and tutorials- with written assignments, project work, field’s trips and student presentation both in class and seminars. The department comprises of four faculty members with diverse specialization. All the faculty members are sincere and cooperative and encourage the students to involve themselves in various extracurricular activities both in academics and other fields so that they can express their creative ideas.

The department has the reputation of being among the best departments for the study of Economics at the undergraduate level. Our students have done consistently well in the University examinations securing top positions. All activities of the department are aimed at encouraging the students to explore beyond the frontiers of the prescribed syllabus. Besides the regular activity of teaching, the faculty members are also committed to ongoing research and publications in the given areas of specialisation.

Faculty Members:

Mrs Sangeeta Borthakur,
H.O.D. & Assistant Professor,
M.A., B.Ed.
Contact No. : +91-9706695772
Email id :
Dr. Juthika Barman Choudhary,
Assistant Professor,
M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D.
Specialization- Agriculture
Contact No. : +91-8011594313
Email id :
Mr. Jayanta Barua.,
Assistant Professor, M.A.
Specialization- Quantative Analysis in Economics / Micro Economics / National Income Accounting
Contact No. :+91-9864072700
Email id :
Mrs. Banajyoti Sarma,
Assistant Professor,
M.A, M.Phil, M.Ed.
Specialization- Mathematical Economics
Contact No. : +91 - 9864273941
Email id :

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