Department - Philosophy
The Department of Philosophy comprises a committed faculty with specialization in diverse areas such as Indian Philosophy, Greek Philosophy, Continental Thought, Logic, Ethics, Aesthetics and Philosophy of Religion. Besides the regular activity of teaching, the faculty is also committed to ongoing research and publication in the given areas of specialization. In addition to the scheduled lectures and tutorials, the Department also holds special lectures, seminars, group discussions, debates and workshops with the aim of augmenting the integral intellectual development of the students.

Besides teaching sixteen papers to the B.A. (Hons.) students majoring in philosophy, the faculty also teaches six discipline-papers in philosophy to the B.A. (Programme) students, the paper ‘Elements of logic’ to the B.Com students and the inter-disciplinary concurrent course (IDCC) ‘Ethics in the public domain’ as well as the discipline-centered concurrent course (DCC) ‘ Formal logic’ to the B.A. (Hons.) students.

Faculty Member:

Mrs. Sebika Das,
M.A. (HOD)
Assistant Professor.
Dr. Karabi Goswami,
M.A., B.Ed., SLET, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Contact No.: +91-9864182767
Email :
Mrs. Pinkumoni Barman , M.A.,B.Ed.
Assistant Professor.
Mrs. Garima Saikia ,
M.A. , B.Ed.
Assistant Professor.

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