General Rule

i. Student must be in college Uniform as prescribed by the college authority while in college.

ii. The college lays special emphasis on the maintenance or discipline and proper-decorum in the outside the classroom.

iii. Students are expected to show proper respect to their teachers, be polite with one another and show courtesy to the employees of the college.

iv. In order to create proper academic atmosphere in the college, students should not make noise while moving in the college campus, reading room or in the common room.

v. Notice desired to be pasted or circulated by the student within the college premises requires prior approval of the Principal.

vi. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the college campus.

vii. Be regular in attending your classes.

viii. Look up, at the notice board daily as soon as you come and before you leave the college.

ix. Keep the college premises clean and tidy.

x. Cheawing of betelnut, taking pan masala, chewing gums etc inside the college campus are strictly prohibited.

xi. Students found moving around the verandahs without any valid reason when classes are on, will lead to strict disciplinary action.

xii. Use of Mobile Phone is strictly prohibited inside the classroom and on the verandahs of the college. Improper use of Mobile Phone within the college premises will be severely dealt with.

xiii. Writing and sticking bills on the walls are strictly prohibited.

xiv. Do not spit on the walls and in the class rooms, do not write or stick anything on the walls or desks and benched. Anyone caught red-handed will be punished.

xv. Each student must carry the college identity card, It is to be brought to the college daily and is to be produced when asked for.xvi. Get cash receipt for all amounts paid in the College Office.

xvii. Park your bicycle, scooter and car in the College parking only.

xviii. Avoid tresspassing and plucking of flowers.

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